Preparation is the foundation to any effective crisis communications plan. The timeliness, accuracy and transparency with which an organization responds to a potential crisis is the critical difference in how it is regarded, both internally and externally, as well as the long-term consequence for the brand.

GBPR has the experience to help you manage any crisis that threatens your reputation or operations. Our crisis communications and management services include:

  • Crisis planning: developing a step-by-step manual of crisis guidelines and training appropriate staff to prepare them for execution of the plan in the event of a crisis
  • Crisis response: developing a response plan once a crisis hits that includes proactive internal and external outreach to all key stakeholders; including:
    • Developing key messages, media standby statements and collateral materials
    • Preparing leadership for media interviews
    • 24 hour crisis support from GBPR
  • Crisis recovery: developing a “next-steps” outline to remediate any damage to your organization’s brand