The Connecticut Construction Labor Management Council (CCLMC) was created to serve as a joint effort between building trades unions and contractors to support the development of a diverse, highly qualified workforce, and the construction of high-quality buildings and structures. GBPR worked with CCLMC during proposed policy changes to Connecticut’s prevailing wage law, articulating the argument that these laws are vital to both supporting quality construction and maintaining a skilled construction workforce in Connecticut. A critical element in GBPR’s comprehensive strategy was the execution of an in-depth study of Connecticut’s prevailing wage laws and their impacts on the state’s economy and workforce. GBPR managed the development of the study and worked with CCLMC to communicate the study’s findings to a range of key audiences including policymakers, the media and union members. The campaign generated significant media coverage and grassroots advocacy in support of prevailing wage, resulting in the continued preservation of the state’s prevailing wage laws, to the benefit of the Connecticut’s skilled construction industry.