September 9, 2014

The town of Watertown is working to help residents reduce their energy consumption, save money on their energy bills, and support the Watertown Food Bank by encouraging participation in Energize Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions program.

Through Dec. 31, a $25 donation will be made to the Watertown Food Bank for each resident who participates in HES.

Home Energy Solutions energy specialists will perform an energy assessment on participating homes, make on-the-spot energy improvements including air sealing and lighting upgrades, and provide a comprehensive report detailing additional savings opportunities.

The cost is $99, with the fee waived for incomeeligible residents. The average home in Connecticut will save approximately $250 annually after completing the initial HES visit, according to a press release. Additional Energize Connecticut efficiency measures such as insulation upgrades will result in deeper savings. For information call 866-229-4884 or visit