Despite warmer temperatures, houses still needed to be heated. The Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation will help more families receive heating fuel.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation Tuesday accepted a check for $17,450. This resulted from residents taking part in the Home Energy Solutions.

According to a press release, HES is a convenient home energy improvement service provided by Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating Co., and the natural gas utilities as part of the Energize Connecticut initiative.

A letter was sent to residents in October promoting the program. HES helps residents reduce energy costs while providing funds for income-eligible residents to assist in heating their houses.

Between October and February, Energy Resource Group and New England Conservation Resources performed more than 250 energy audits, according to a press release.

Laurie Heflin, founding director at The Madison Foundation Neighbor to Neighbor Fund, said at least 450 people receive fuel assistance.

Heflin said Neighbor to Neighbor acts as a “safety net” for those who run out of funding for heating.

“We’re coming to the time when funding will be in high use. Many use up their funding in early winter,” Heflin said.

The program also allows residents to save money on their monthly energy bills, according to a press release.

Town Energy and Efficiency Committee Chairman Woodie Weiss said 85 percent of residents use oil and there is a mix between gas and electric.

A press release said the HES audit is $75 for houses using electric heat or natural gas, $99 for houses using fuel oil and propane and free for those who meet income eligibility guidelines.

CL&P Senior Program Administrator Rebecca Meyer said it costs $900 to fill her propane tank. She added she has to pay “on the spot.”

“Those tanks remain empty until the bill gets paid,” Meyer said.