Connecticut’s quasi-public authority in charge of technology investments has made its second investment in the last four months in a New Haven-based company developing antibiotics.

Officials at Connecticut Innovations said Tuesday it has invested $269,160 in BioRelix Inc.

The latest investment in the company comes on the heels of $500,000 worth of funding BioRelix received from CI in December.

CI’s latest investment in BioRelix was part of a $2.5 million funding round the company received.

“We are very pleased that Connecticut Innovations continues to invest in our efforts and support the development of new medicines here in New Haven,” said Brian Dixon, chief executive officer of BioRelix.

“The ongoing support from our current investors has been critical to our progress in advancing potential new antibiotics through the research and development process.”

The antibiotics BioRelix is developing involve the use of riboswitches, which are short stretches of messenger ribonucleic acid that bind small molecules and control genes that are essential for the survival of many human pathogens.

The company’s most advanced effort is an antibiotic for a hospital-acquired infection.

Claire Leonardi, chief executive officer and executive director of CI, said the agency’s second investment in BioRelix “demonstrates our confidence in the company’s innovative antibiotic platform.”

BioRelix’s staff includes several scientists that formerly worked at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Yale University. BioRelix also is involved in a research collaboration with a subsidiary of Merck & Co. to identify new antibacterial drug candidates.

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