A Glastonbury company has received $150,000 in financing from Connecticut Innovations to support developing and marketing its products, which include an innovative music-streaming platform.

The company, Raditaz LLC, developed an Internet-based music-streaming platform with unique features it believes will differentiate it from other Internet radio providers. It will allow listeners to customize the music they listen to, create their own custom stations, rate songs, and share them with friends via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

One other feature that the Raditz platform offers is the ability to tag a station with descriptive words or geographic data, the company said. Listeners are then able to explore music based on their personal interests and on trending stations in geographic areas.

“We’ll be able to deliver much more relevant advertising to people based on where they are and what their preferences are,” said Tom Brophey, founder and chief executive officer of Raditaz.

The company’s music platform is currently on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones, and on the web. The platform will also be accessible across a variety of devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, Internet-enabled televisions, automobile dashboards, and audio equipment.

“Raditaz is an innovator in the online music sector, building on current streaming music technologies and innovating to enhance the user experience, said Charlie Moret, CI managing director of business development. “We are excited to support a company like Raditaz, that is at that is at the intersection of streaming music and social networking.”