By: Harlan Levy

April 19, 2014

Starting Monday, April 21, more than 340,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers statewide will be automatically enrolled in Home Energy Reports, a free energy-saving service.

The program expands from a trial run with 34,000 customers from 2011 to 2013.

CL&P chose the 340,000 customers at random in each of the 149 cities and towns it serves. Each will receive an individualized pamphlet comparing the customer’s monthly energy usage to the average range of energy usage by 100 similarly-sized and equipped homes in a two-mile radius from the customer’s home.

The pamphlet will also include customized tips for no-cost, low-cost, and long-term investment options to reduce energy use. Customers can also go online and set energy reduction goals and get more in-depth information about how their homes consume energy.

“CL&P is extending this program broadly because we know that our customers need energy solutions that are customized to their own homes,” Matt Gibbs, CL&P director of energy efficiency, said.

An additional 30,000 CL&P customers will also get the chance to enrolled in Home Energy Reports when they participate in the state Home Energy Solutions program.

Home Energy Solutions provides a qualified contractor who will come out to assess your home for energy usage and can make spot repairs to make the home more efficient. The service costs $75 for homes heated by electricity or natural gas and $99 for homes using propane or heating oil. The service may be free for those who meet income eligibility standards.