NBCUniversal Inc.’s newest daytime talk show filmed in Stamford will begin airing Sept. 17 in select markets.

Similar to NBCU’s “Maury,” “The Jerry Springer Show” and “Steve Wilkos,” “Trisha Goddard” will feature family and relationship drama, but without the “you are the father” sensationalism.

“We work out what’s beneath the initial headlines,” Trisha Goddard said. “The aim is for there to be some resolution. You take something away because the guests take something away.”

The show is NBCU’s fourth daytime talk show to be filmed at the Stamford Media Center since the company relocated to Connecticut in 2009 to take advantage of the state’s 30 percent film, television and digital media tax credit program for productions over $1 million.

In the last two years, the Stamford Media Center (SMC) has spent more than $23 million for its NBCU shows on local construction and maintenance companies, restaurants, hotels and other services. To upgrade its set for “Trisha Goddard,” SMC spent roughly $600,000 for local contractors and construction companies and added about 50 new positions to its total staff of 230, according to NBCU.

In the show, which began taping in August, Goddard helps her guests overcome issues ranging from single parenthood to personal debt. For the past several seasons of “Maury,” she’s been a guest conflict-resolution expert and before that the British television presenter hosted and produced shows in Britain and Australia.

“This show goes back to what was great about talk years ago,” said Paul Faulhaber, NBCU executive producer. “You take a great story, incredible host and it’s not about bells and whistles, but getting to core of the story. It’s a joy to watch. It’s TV magic.”

Faulhaber said Goddard’s diverse background and “five” lifetimes worth of experiences allow guests to instantly connect and respect Goddard’s advice.

“You see them leaving better than they came,” Faulhaber said. “People can’t be changed in a day, but it’s amazing when you see someone plant the seeds of change.”

Goddard has lived around the world, raised two children, had an ex-husband die from AIDS and had a sister deeply affected by a mental illness. She’s trained in conflict resolution and has served as the chair of Australia’s national Consumer Advisory Group on mental health. Additionally, she’s a licensed neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, which relies on self-hypnosis and communication skills to motivate oneself to change.

In the last two years, NBCU’s shows have brought 160,000 audience members into Stamford and “Trisha Goddard” is expected to bring 800 more guests into Stamford per week. The guests come mainly from the tristate area and many are New York City tourists that NBCU buses into Connecticut. The show will continue filming into April and NBCU caters lunch for audience members between tapings.

“I’m loving working with the team here in Stamford,” Goddard said. “We really work well together. It’s not just, ‘Oh, I have my own show.’ But having people who are in the same mind set is actually quite hard to find these days.”