Bridgeport, Conn. — Aquarion Water Company recently donated $12,500 to the Housatonic Valley Association (HVA).  The donation was a matching grant to five participating companies that each donated $2,500 in support of HVA’s mission to conserve the natural character and environmental health of the Housatonic River watershed.

The five participating companies that each donated $2,500 were:

  • Burns Construction of Stratford, Connecticut
  • C.H. Nickerson & Company of Torrington, Connecticut
  • H.D. Supply Waterworks of Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • J.J. Brennan Construction of Shelton, Connecticut
  • Tighe & Bond Engineers of Westfield, Massachusetts

“The Housatonic Valley Association is the chief environmental steward for the Housatonic River watershed, providing valuable services to ensure the region’s land and waters will be enjoyed by future generations,” said Charles Firlotte, President and CEO of Aquarion Water Company.  “These visionary firms have demonstrated their commitment to the health of the region’s environment and we are pleased to have the opportunity to match their overall donation.”

The Housatonic River flows 150 miles from Hinsdale and Washington, Massachusetts to the Long Island Sound.  The watershed covers 1,948 square miles and includes hundreds of rivers and streams throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

Founded in 1941, the HVA protects land and water throughout the entire watershed, working with property owners, local governments and organizations in all 83 towns within the watershed.  HVA’s staff is comprised of in-house land and water experts, as well as volunteers that help with many of the water and land protection or restoration projects.

“Since our organization’s inception, we have worked hard to save more than 5,000 acres of farmland wetlands, riverfronts and forest,” said Robert Houlihan, President of HVA’s Board of Directors.  “Donations of this magnitude will allow us to continue to serve the area so that communities and wildlife in the region can enjoy the fruits of the Housatonic Valley watershed for many years to come.”

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About Aquarion Water Company:

Aquarion Water Company is the public water supply company for more than 600,000 people in 45 cities and towns throughout Connecticut, as well as serving customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  It is the largest investor-owned water utility in New England and among the seven largest in the U.S.  Based in Bridgeport, Conn., it has been in the public water supply business since 1857.  Across its operations, Aquarion strives to act as a responsible steward of the environment and to assist the communities it serves in promoting sustainable practices.

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