Relationship building

There’s a running joke amongst PR practitioners that most got their start in the foodservice industry – bartending, waiting tables, or working catering events. While it is not true for everyone in the field, the experience certainly doesn’t hurt for those considering a career in public relations. Relationship building is the fundamental component of PR, and it’s a trait you learn well working in bars and restaurants.

Like a good bartender or server with their patrons, you have to gain the trust of your clients and build rapport with those you work with day-to-day, which comes with significant communication and ownership of the task at hand. This goes beyond digital communication. Being able to hold an engaging, in-person conversation with the person sitting across the table or on the other end of the phone line will carry you in PR – and help you win business.

Additionally, the foodservice industry programs your brain to quickly and effectively communicate for an immediate result. It also introduces the ability to reactively think and communicate when faced with an issue where you weren’t prepared.

So if you’re considering a career in PR, you can hone your interpersonal and relationship building skills, forming critical, intangible career assets in foodservice.