Remote workforces in the face of a global pandemic

Businesses and organizations are working around the clock to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Many employers have shifted to a remote workforce to sustain their operations. However, pivoting to a fully remote workforce creates an entire set of new challenges.

Team cohesion can become strained without consistent interaction, whether that be through staff meetings, in-person presentations, or impromptu conversations in the hall. Confusion about deadlines and deliverables may begin to emerge, and more significant strategic priorities can suffer as a result. We’re fortunate to work in a world where technology and online interaction can help to address these issues and reduce the potential for a disconnected workforce; however, the challenge is to make sure your now fully remote team is engaging effectively, both with management and with each other.

A new partnership providing digital communication solutions for a more consistent approach to internal communications and engagement

Gaffney Bennett Public Relations has decades of experience helping businesses and organizations engage their target audiences effectively. In an effort to better serve our clients and community, we are excited to announce a new collaborative partnership with RPM Communication Consulting to provide organizations with additional solutions for their internal digital communications and workforce development.

Through this partnership, we are positioned to help businesses maximize their digital channels and ensure that their internal communication is effective and engaging. Whether it is digital communication training, support for virtual meetings, or identifying the best channels for engagement, GBPR & RPM Communication Consulting stand ready to help your team stay connected, productive, and invested.

Virtual Workshop: Strengthen your team’s engagement and productivity

We’re kicking off our partnership by launching a virtual workshop designed to help clients quickly increase the effectiveness of their team’s internal communications. Our goal is to provide clients with the knowledge, skills, and ability to host engaging video meetings. Participants will learn how to launch virtual meetings, establish a set of digital communications, and create meaningful engagement. These skills and best practices provide a critical foundation for your remote team to work together efficiently and effectively.

Successfully managing and engaging your remote workforce can yield near term benefits, while helping to ensure the long term sustainability of your operations. If your team can use communications support, please contact us at