Anyone committed to driving greater engagement, raising awareness and fostering a strategic approach to public relations knows from experience how this business is not standing still.

Today, brand and agency professionals are on an ongoing quest to make the most of every opportunity. This means keeping an eye on new tools and emerging technologies. It also means placing PR fundamentals front and center when building a campaign.

We’ve highlighted five PR tools that despite our evolving business, have stood the test of time.

1) A factual fact sheet: More than just the “About Us” stripped from a company website, a fact sheet is a distilled overview of the organization without the fluff and contains critical current data points and company background that can be used by reporters and stakeholders alike.

2) A newsworthy news release: Before issuing a release make sure it answers the five W’s and H (who, what, why, when, where and how) and provides authentic news value to reporters. Make sure a compelling core is present, and see if it stands up to the “so what” question. If you can’t articulate the point that makes your news release newsworthy, you may need to re-think your approach.

3) Talking points: A solid set of talking points can help a spokesperson effectively and consistently deliver the news of the day and position the organization. When thoughtfully developed and practiced, a good set of talking points will help interview subjects make the most of every media opportunity.

4) Media Training: How can you ensure your spokesperson earns quotes? Practice. Think of media training as an opportunity to prepare for difficult questions, refine messages and build confidence. We’re here to help and can tailor a session to meet your short and long-term needs. Send us an email at info@gbpr.com, and we’ll share our Media Training Tips sheet with you.

5) AP Style Book: This may seem old-school in a new communications world, but a trusty print or an online version can ensure your copy is consistent and ready to roll. Think you’re up to speed on the latest updates? Check out this AP Style Book Quiz.

Always remember, public relations requires commitment and effort, and it’s an ongoing practice that has measurable success. Take the time to focus on the fundamentals, and they will serve as a strong foundation for effective PR programs that deliver results.