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All successful relationships, whether personal or professional, take time, effort and communication. Public relations professionals know this well, since much of our work is based on how effectively we collaborate with our clients to reach their goals.

Maintaining positive client relationships doesn’t have to be hard, even if you’re engaged with multiple accounts. The trick? Get to know them! Understanding a company’s culture or a contact’s personal preferences can help you get in sync, making everyone’s job a little bit easier.

Here are some tips to better manage your client relationships:

Stay up to date on your client’s industry and news

Did you land a new account but would like to learn more about the ins and outs of your client’s industry? Study up! Staying “in the know” on industry news and trends will help you understand your new client’s perspective, as well as their worries and stressors. You can also learn more about their competitor’s strategies, tactics and initiatives.

When you find a piece of industry-related coverage, don’t assume that your client has already seen it. Send it along; they will appreciate hearing from you and knowing that you’re thinking of them.

Establish a check-in schedule with your client

No matter what industry, everyone gets busy. Follow-up, brainstorms and meetings can get pushed to the side. Avoid miscommunication with your client by establishing a reporting and check-in schedule. This can include weekly coverage reports, biweekly calls or a simple end-of-the-week email update. By staying in consistent contact, there will be no confusion on what’s coming up or what priorities need to be addressed.

Brainstorm new ideas and tactics

GBPR is grateful to work with our legacy clients, some of which have been around for more than a decade! We know their industries, targets and goals, as well as the tried and true PR tactics that work for them. However, it never hurts to get creative. New ideas and tactics, from influencer outreach to social media campaigns, can help your client get the word out.

Get to know your client outside of the office

You might hear from your client on a weekly check-in call, but how well do you really know them? Connecting with your client colleague on a personal level can give you a greater perspective on who they are and how they work. You might even find that you have some shared interests. Instead of hosting a regularly scheduled meeting in your office, plan a working lunch at their favorite restaurant or café. You might even consider hosting a client appreciation event to socialize in a non-work setting.