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We are all witnessing an unprecedented shift in how the media operates and covers news and issues. It is now more challenging than ever to work through the media to ensure that your organization’s profile and priorities are understood and appreciated by your key audiences. Nevertheless, GBPR’s strong, active relationships with local, regional and national media continue to help our clients get in front of the outlets and journalists that matter most. Additionally, our use of evolving media technology applications enhances our success in working with clients to:

  • Target the appropriate editors and reporters
  • Draft and distribute press releases and advisories
  • Arrange successful press conferences, media tours and briefings
  • Draft succinct and informative backgrounders and fact sheets
  • Serve as a point of contact or spokesperson on behalf of clients
  • Conduct media training to ensure effective use of media opportunities


If reaching your communications goal means garnering broad support for an issue from the public, the media or other third-party allies, GBPR has the experience and technology to organize and execute your campaign. We’ll develop your strategy, craft your messages and manage outreach to opinion leaders and organizations in order to promote or protect your issues.

GBPR’s staff also has a solid record of winning key referenda votes. If your issue, project or organization needs seasoned professionals with extensive political experience, we can deliver. Our services in managing referenda campaigns include:

  • Campaign management
  • Voter identification and persuasion
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) campaigns
  • Public opinion research
  • Coalition building
  • Direct mail design
  • Voter file/database management


The reputations of all organizations, even the most well-established, have never been more vulnerable than they are today. The effectiveness and speed with which an organization responds to a crisis can make all the difference for your brand, your operations and your future. GBPR has the experience to help clients manage any crisis that threatens their reputation or operations. We are proud to have helped clients weather a variety of crises by:

  • Developing a quick but thorough assessment of the facts and potential vulnerabilities
  • Crafting a step-by-step crisis response plan
  • Establishing next steps to remediate any damage once a crisis has passed
  • Creating a crisis communications manual to manage future challenges that your organization may face


Whether you’re a start-up, relocating to Connecticut or establishing your presence pursuant to a merger or acquisition; making the right introductions to the right audiences at the right time can ease your market entry and position your organization for success. GBPR’s market knowledge and trusted relationships with elected officials, regulators, business and community leaders, journalists and other key influencers allow us to create opportunities to tell your story to the audiences that matter most.


Public opinion surveys are designed to measure opinions and attitudes about issues or proposals. The data from quality public opinion surveys provides valuable guidance to business, community or government leaders as they make strategic decisions that affect their organizations. GBPR has in-house survey research capabilities including design, fielding and analysis, public opinion research options available, that give our clients valuable insight into issues that is timely, detailed and most importantly, accurate:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Mail-in surveys
  • Online polls
  • In-depth interviews


Targeted outreach through grassroots channels can be the best way to recruit allies to support your cause. GBPR has managed a wide range of grassroots campaigns which take our clients’ issues directly to their key constituencies. GBPR’s grassroots campaigns have included:

  • Building coalitions of informed, effective allies willing to advocate for an issue or cause
  • Managing constituent communications to key policymakers and opinion shapers
  • Organizing conferences, community meetings or presentations to key governmental, business and community organizations
  • Developing and leveraging databases of key supporters and communications targets
  • Managing online advocacy campaigns to state, local and federal officials

GBPR utilizes all available grassroots tools to generate timely, effective advocacy from traditional methods using letters, phone calls and visits, to innovative online resources.


The popularity of websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn has made it imperative to leverage social networking as a public relations tool. Whether the goal is connecting online with your most important audiences, tuning into conversations about your issue or your competitors, or communicating your messages to customers or the public, GBPR can help you navigate the social media landscape. We work with our clients to design social media campaigns that advance their communications goals most effectively, including:

  • Launching and maintaining Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages
  • Social media monitoring and response
  • Social media audit
  • Blogger outreach


Every point of contact your organization makes with customers, employees, partners, regulators, the media and other audiences becomes a part of your brand image; your reputation. GBPR will connect you with the appropriate audiences and establish your organization’s messages in order to build, maintain and protect your brand, and project a positive public image.

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